Oct 3, 2010

Sugar Swans and Ribbons

Latest class project.. more sugar sculpting! This time we used hot sugar to pull and blow in a variety of techniques. Here's the end result!

Ok so one of my "swans" looks more like a flamingo...and some of my grass wilted from the heat in the classroom, but aside from that, I'm pretty pleased with the end result. The "swans" and sphere were made by blowing sugar, which is a similar process to glass blowing. Yep, basically blowing and forming molten sugar. (I have the blisters to prove it!)

The roses were made by pulling sugar with my thumb for each petal (again, big blister to prove it). The ribbon was by far one of my favorite things to learn. The technique is super cool and I love the end result- very glossy and elegant. I can't wait to try pulling another ribbon again!

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  1. you must be an FPS student.... I was & I'm very proud of where I graduated from... I did a similar piece years ago