Dec 26, 2010

Cake Basics...

During our time at the French Pastry School we had to make cakes just to learn some basic techniques. The following are nothing terribly special, but reflect the variety of techniques we learned over the course of the program.

The Man Cake. Here was our one and only cake geared more for a man. Sorry guys.. cakes are just naturally frilly and girlie!

We learned 1. embossing and inlay techniques 2. big puffy gum paste bow

Next up... the Mother's Day Cake. Here we made a travel case with gum paste hanky, lipstick, compact and moth orchid. We covered the cake with the quilting technique (hard!) and hand painted all the gold "metal" brackets and hinges.

Moth orchid all out of gum paste sugar.

Next up.... Baby Shower Stringwork Cake from Hell!!

I was super excited to learn how to do stringwork until I actually LEARNED how to do stringwork!! I honestly can say I hope that I NEVER have to do stringwork again!!! Talk about an impossible technique! First of all, notice in the photo below that the royal icing strings are not attached to the cake on the bottom... they stick out about 1" from the cake... Not natural, not natural at all.

Basically stringwork is piping microscopic strings of royal icing evenly from the cake to a royal icing "bridge" suspended by push pins. Once the icing is dry, you remove the pins and pray the strings dont break. Let me just say that for every one string you see in the photo, at least nine others broke before it. Not fun.... not fun at all.

We topped the stringwork with minute piped royal icing florets, which also broke at the slightest touch.

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