Dec 27, 2010

Final Cake- Starry Starry Night

Our final project-a winter wedding cake!!! After many months of doing exactly as the chefs said, it was finally our turn to make a cake that was 100% our own!  I wanted to create a cake that was completely different from anything else that I have made before. I wanted to challenge myself with a design that was out of my comfort zone. I came up with the idea about 6 weeks before we even started making it, and I must admit that I am extremely happy that my vision came to fruition pretty much as I intended (hoped and prayed!)

I knew the first day that we learned blown sugar that I was hooked and that my final project would incorporate blown sugar in some way... At the time I just didnt realize that it would mean over 50 blown sugar balls!

Art has always been a big part of my life and so it only seemed natural that my cake was inspired by art- in particular Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting Starry Night. I have always been moved by his artwork, especially his bold use of color and expressive brushwork. So my cake is a small homage to Van Gogh in the form of a blustery wintry storm of sugar. 

The swirls are all hand painted and dotted with drops of colored sugar, silver dragee balls and hand pipped dots. I wanted the blown sugar balls to suggest snow or snowballs (which I hope is obvious!) and I wanted the tiers to appear as if they were floating on air.

The more solid looking balls are pressed sugar, which is wet sugar mixed with colored sprinkles and formed in molds. I really loved how they sparkled like snow and gave a nice variety of texture from the smooth blown sugar balls.

As part of the final, we had to include at least one flower. My flowers were stylized poinsettias. I didnt want them to scream flower, rather I wanted them to appear as if they could be almost like a snowflake or star. They were made in a quilling style, which is an old English paper technique. Basically you take long strips of gum paste and twirl them on a quilling stick, glue the ends and let them dry for a few days and pray they dont break. I really liked the whimsical feel of the quilled flower, I felt like it complimented the expressive Van Gogh-type brushwork really well. A more realistic looking flower just wouldnt have looked right with my cake.

As part of the project, we also had to create a storyboard for our "client", which had to include a sketch of the cake, colors, and overall inspiration for the cake.

There were a few minor changes between my original sketch and the actual cake, but overall I think it was pretty spot on. I am extremely proud of my cake. It was a huge challenge to make in very little time. The sugar balls are time consuming to make and extremely fragile. I am happy to report that I only broke one while attaching them to the cake! All those nights of tossing and turning, visions of shattered sugar balls on my final cake were for naught. Big whew, and an even bigger smile on my face.


  1. Simply Gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see what comes next.

  2. So bautiful!! Keep the good work!