Dec 27, 2010

Sassy Sweet Sixteen

Our second to the last project- create a unique sweet sixteen cake with your table-mate. My great partner Chelsea and I came up with a punk rock theme. I wanted to do a cute skull and crossed bones motif, and she had the idea for the super adorable bow with the floating ribbons. We were super happy with the result.... one kick ass cutie cake! I would have LOVED this cake for my sixteenth way back when... ahhhh.

We sculpted the tiers to give them a fun, more whimsical shape.

We made some yellow ribbon roses and curls out of fondant and finished the cake board in fun black pom-pom trim from the fabric store.

We thought that most of our classmates would make a pink and or purple cake, so we went with Yellow, Black and White as our main colors and used Pink as an accent color instead.

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