Aug 28, 2011

Thank You To Colette's Cakes

I know its been awhile since my last post, but I have been busy, busy helping to make cakes for Colette's Cakes  As many of you already know, I am moving to Chicago soon and therefore will no longer be working with the fabulous Colette Peters. I have had so many great months with her and her assistant, Jennifer. Its been a fantastic experience and I have had the good fortune to help create some pretty damn cool cakes. Here are some highlights from the past few months.

Mansion Cake... this one was a doosie!! Huge cake that is 100% edible, even down to the "brick". I made the figure of the birthday boy as a leprechaun, as well as all of the shrubs, trees, door, stairs, flowers, and landscaping. Sooo much fun to do this cake!

Here is Colette and me looking as proud as new parents having just completed the cake.

Another favorite cake was a birthday cake for a woman who raises exotic chickens and birds, such as the crazy looking Polish chicken, Emu, runner ducks, geese and parrot. Loved making these feathery critters out of Rice Krispy Treats and royal icing.

Another great cake we made was for a Hip-Hop Bar Mitzvah. This kid wanted an urban ghetto theme so we tricked out the cake like a brick wall with graffiti and a blinged out star of David chain necklace. My favorite graffiti says "You da Man". Get it? He's a man now? Ha ha ha ha!

We've made some really cute cakes while Ive been there. This one was for an Angry Birds video game enthusiast, who loved Diet Coke and McDonald's fries. I enjoyed hand painting the monitor screen, the mini diet coke can, and the picture frame with the dog catching a french fry in his mouth. Fun, fun cake to make!

We had the opportunity to make a really cool cake for a lawyer to a very famous designer (hint, the logo on the paper should give it away)

Apparently this lawyer isn't a neat freak, so we had a blast making this cake look as real as his desk... coffee stains and all! I made the coffee cup, Blackberry phone and all the "paper"

We had the opportunity to make another cake for the same famous designer as above. This time it was for her granddaugther, who was turning 8 and loves anything jungle related.

All of the animals were made out of gum paste and royal icing for a 3-d effect. Then we all hand painted them. I did the elephant and tiger...

What I loved about working at Colette's Cakes, is that we made so many different cakes. For example, how many people get to make a New Jersey cake???  We got to make one with all the towns that were important to the birthday boy.

I made the stork for where he was born...

And the boy's head....

Sooo many great cakes I had the good fortune to help with. Over the months I came to realize how much I love making cakes that look like something else. I love to model figures and make things look as real as possible. But, having said that, one of my all time favorite cakes we made was something I never did before....a very traditional Victorian style cake with piping, flowers, etc. It was magnificent!

Here are some close-ups so you can see the extreme amount of work that went into this...

Here are some other random cakes we had fun making....

Over the last 6 months I have learned so much. I thank Colette Peters for all she has taught me, and hope to make her proud of me someday soon. Thank you all for your support and I will be back in touch when we are settled in Chicago with tales of trying to start my own business there! Windy City here we come!

Jun 24, 2011

The Combo Cake- Gluten Free Style

Ahhh the combo Birthday/Fathers day celebration. Every year poor Dad has both his birthday and Fathers Day lumped into one celebration, one gift and well, one cake.  To help make his special combo days extra special, I made him a cute cake of his favorite pasttime, fishing. Too bad the DeSantis luck usually leaves his hook empty, but he tries and tries nonetheless. So for his special day, he finally gets to catch the big one!

Dad sitt'n on the dock of the Bay feet dangling in the water when all of a sudden....

Watch out Pop.... big fish on hook! BIG FISH with scary nashing teeth! Watch your toes!

Cute little seascape below with lobsters and crabbies and brightly colored fish. The cake was my first attempt at a gluten free chocolate cake and I must say it was delicious!! Fudgy and moist. That gluten free recpie is a keeper.

Me and the salty fisherman.

Jun 13, 2011

Bouncing Baby Baptism

Ok, well the Baptism was way back in January.... but I just got the photos (hem hem Dave). Better late than never, right?

A very special cake made for my adorable new baby goddaughter Catherine! Too bad she's a tad too young to enjoy it... but we all ate the vanilla cake with chocolate ganache in her honor.

Baby Catherine and her mama both love roses so I made the topper of gum paste pink and green roses coupled with white cala lilies.

Catherine is a bow girl too so I made little grey bows all around. I really loved this color combo of pink and white with the grey. Thought it was a little more modern than typical baby colors of just pastels. The lace is fondant pressed in a silicon lace mold.

May 17, 2011

Baby Bea Turns One!

Happy 1st Birthday to my little friend Bea! She may be fuzzy, have four paws and like to sniff things, but every gal deserves a fab birthday cake and new party dress!


Which one is the real toy you wonder? Hummm.

Watch out Bea! My pup Olive is looking way too interested in your cake.

This photo has nothing to do with anything. It just cracks me up to see it sitting in our fridge nestled among the eggs and milk. Awe... cute!

May 14, 2011

Willy Wonka Baby Boy

A cute Willy Wonka themed baby shower cake for baby Nathaniel, who is due to arrive into this world some day soon.

Carved cake tiers covered with fun stripes and wild dots. Fondant candy, top hat, and of course the Golden Ticket!

Candy around the back.

May 10, 2011

Wills and Kate's Royal Wedding Cake

Ok, well not really THE royal cake... but it was made for a wedding watching party hosted by my fabulous friend Jane. True to Jane's style, it was a full-fledged party starting at 6am to watch the royal nuptials complete with butlered drinks, a full breakfast spread including quiche, pastries and oven roasted bacon. Guests arrived in their pajamas and fancy hats. The mimosas kept flowing. Another drink? Why not?

What's a wedding watching party without a wedding cake??? This event was the perfect excuse for me to try my hand at a more traditional style cake. Recently my boss Colette Peters ( ) made the most AMAZING cake! I was so excited by it that just had to make a mini version of it for this party.

Here is Colette's stunning cake covered in hand pipped roses, fruit, and flowers. An amazing array of pipping and swags!
My wee version...

Swags of pipped grape clusters, roses and leaves... Topped with an arrangement of gum paste and royal icing flowers.

We were all given pretty convincing knock-off sapphire and diamond rings. I'm pretty sure we all felt like a princess for a day!

Apr 10, 2011

Times Square Times a Thousand

For the past 4 weeks during my internship at the fabulous Colette's Cakes ( )  we have been working on a Times Square cake for 1000 High School Glee Club students for the National Championship in NYC. After much blood, sweat and tears, the cake was completed and came together as one of the most spectacular creations I've seen yet- a 4 x 3 foot showpiece of Times Square.

Here is Colette Peters putting the finishing touches on it just moments before delivery.

I am very proud to have had a hand in this project. From hand modeling and painting all of the cars, cabs and bus...

To hand painting a few different schools onto Broadway musical billboards, such as Spiderman...

Mary Poppins...

The Adams Family...

I also painted the Mario Lopez sign with the help of Colette. Hey- faces are hard!!!

Everyone had a hand in all aspects of the project, but for the most part the Empire State building was my baby... as was the Flat Iron building, and elements of the Chrysler building.

Here is a slightly better shot of the Flat Iron Building

It was a HUGE project! Overall it was a great learning experience and amazing to see Colette's vision come to fruition. Everything was in bits and pieces for weeks and it wasn't until the final 2 days that it all came together. We were all thrilled with the finished product- and apparently all the glee kids went nuts when they saw it.