Apr 10, 2011

Times Square Times a Thousand

For the past 4 weeks during my internship at the fabulous Colette's Cakes ( http://www.colettescakes.com/ )  we have been working on a Times Square cake for 1000 High School Glee Club students for the National Championship in NYC. After much blood, sweat and tears, the cake was completed and came together as one of the most spectacular creations I've seen yet- a 4 x 3 foot showpiece of Times Square.

Here is Colette Peters putting the finishing touches on it just moments before delivery.

I am very proud to have had a hand in this project. From hand modeling and painting all of the cars, cabs and bus...

To hand painting a few different schools onto Broadway musical billboards, such as Spiderman...

Mary Poppins...

The Adams Family...

I also painted the Mario Lopez sign with the help of Colette. Hey- faces are hard!!!

Everyone had a hand in all aspects of the project, but for the most part the Empire State building was my baby... as was the Flat Iron building, and elements of the Chrysler building.

Here is a slightly better shot of the Flat Iron Building

It was a HUGE project! Overall it was a great learning experience and amazing to see Colette's vision come to fruition. Everything was in bits and pieces for weeks and it wasn't until the final 2 days that it all came together. We were all thrilled with the finished product- and apparently all the glee kids went nuts when they saw it.

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