Jun 24, 2011

The Combo Cake- Gluten Free Style

Ahhh the combo Birthday/Fathers day celebration. Every year poor Dad has both his birthday and Fathers Day lumped into one celebration, one gift and well, one cake.  To help make his special combo days extra special, I made him a cute cake of his favorite pasttime, fishing. Too bad the DeSantis luck usually leaves his hook empty, but he tries and tries nonetheless. So for his special day, he finally gets to catch the big one!

Dad sitt'n on the dock of the Bay feet dangling in the water when all of a sudden....

Watch out Pop.... big fish on hook! BIG FISH with scary nashing teeth! Watch your toes!

Cute little seascape below with lobsters and crabbies and brightly colored fish. The cake was my first attempt at a gluten free chocolate cake and I must say it was delicious!! Fudgy and moist. That gluten free recpie is a keeper.

Me and the salty fisherman.

Jun 13, 2011

Bouncing Baby Baptism

Ok, well the Baptism was way back in January.... but I just got the photos (hem hem Dave). Better late than never, right?

A very special cake made for my adorable new baby goddaughter Catherine! Too bad she's a tad too young to enjoy it... but we all ate the vanilla cake with chocolate ganache in her honor.

Baby Catherine and her mama both love roses so I made the topper of gum paste pink and green roses coupled with white cala lilies.

Catherine is a bow girl too so I made little grey bows all around. I really loved this color combo of pink and white with the grey. Thought it was a little more modern than typical baby colors of just pastels. The lace is fondant pressed in a silicon lace mold.