Oct 31, 2012

Road Repair

I was excited when my neighbor Sonia hired me to make a construction theme cake for her nephew's 3rd birthday. We planned the entire cake around this adorable tractor trailer cupcake holder that they had already purchased and created a little road block scene to stop the truck from making its sweet delivery.


The rocks were made of rice treats and the dirt was crumbled cookies. 

I hand sculpted a mini birthday boy out of rice treats and gumpaste.

Thank you to Laura for the kind mention on her blog.

Oct 6, 2012

Hello Kitty Cake

What fun I had making this oh-so girlie Hello Kitty cake for one very special little girl, Atia. The birthday girl's favorite colors are hot pink and purple, and she is obsessed with Hello Kitty. Together, Atia and I came up with this adorable design that complimented the theme of her party.

The Hello Kitty topper was handmade out of rice treats and covered in colored fondant.

Thank you to Atia's mother Laura for the very kind mention in her blog. Click below.


Jul 1, 2012

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake!

A very happy birthday to Javian who turned one today! His favorite cartoon is Mickey's Clubhouse, and for those of you who haven't a clue what that is like me, its Mickey and friends playing in a clubhouse that looks kind of like a dismembered Mickey Mouse. The yellow shoe is the front door, the blue tail is a slide, and the hand is a hot air balloon (I think).

The mini Mickey was all hand modeled out of gum paste. I must admit, modeling a 2-D cartoon into a
3-D object is not an easy task, but I'm happy with the way he turned out.

Mar 11, 2012

40 is the New 29!

My fabulous friend Adriana had her 40th birthday bash this past weekend and I was honored to make her cake. She gave me free reign, so she had no idea what it was going to look like. Thankfully she loved it... WHEW!

With some hints from her husband, I knew to include some of the Birthday girl's favorite things like doughnuts, sushi, her beloved dogs Blackie and Fred, as well as her love of Juicy Couture shoes.

Adriana is a fantastic pastry chef and recently started her own business, so I included a pastry bag with her company name on it, Flur. If you want to see some deliciousness, check out her creations on her website www.Flur.biz

Feb 28, 2012

Art Institute of Chicago Cupcake Tower

Tickled Pink was pleased to be a part of Uncorked, a wine tasting benefit for the Art Institute of Chicago. We donated the main dessert for the evening, a cupcake tower of over 250 yummy chocolate cupcakes with raspberry buttercream!

To compliment the wine tasting, we decorated each cupcake with wine related things like grapes, cheese, wine bottles, grape vines, and wine glasses.

We also made cute little sugar paintings of some of the masterpieces in the Art Institute of Chicago's renowned collection.

Grant Wood's American Gothic    

Claude Monet's Haystacks

George Seurat's Sunday in the Park

Edward Hopper's Nighthawks

Andy Warhol's Mao

Feb 18, 2012

Tickled Pink Takes Chicago!

Tickled Pink is proud to announce that it is officially official, and we have the biz license to prove it! Please share this link with any of your Chicago based friends and family to help spread the word. We also have our own Facebook page, so please friend us there too!

Thank you for all your support!