Dec 10, 2013

Pink and White Wedding Cake

A lovely pink and white wedding cake that I decorated for Flur Bakery's client. As much as I love decorating whimsical cakes, it's so nice to do something elegant and more traditional once in awhile.

The top tier was done in swiss dots out of sugar pearls and the bottom tier was piped in a style that the bride picked with tiny pink blossoms.

Dec 6, 2013

Cinderella's Slipper Cake

This was the first cake I decorated for Flur Bakery back in July and forgot to post. This sweet little girl loves Cinderella and wanted a special cake for her 4th birthday that included her favorite saying: "A dream is a wish your heart makes."

We designed the cake to echo Cinderella's blue gown with ribbons, bows and pearls. The pumpkin "coach" houses the birthday girl's age and the glass slipper made of gumpaste and edible glitter tops the cake.

Dec 4, 2013

Large Rosette Winter Wedding Cake

I'm officially in love with this new technique... the large rosette. I used this technique on a birthday cake (post coming soon) and just love how it looks. I needed to do a winter wedding cake for Flur Bakery's display window so I just had to do this again.

I cant take credit for coming up with this beautiful technique, it's a popular trend for wedding cakes on the internet and I also got a few pointers from my friend Chelsea from pastry school who had done a few cakes this way. It's pretty advanced technique, but once I got it down, it became easier.

I did the rosettes in a pink ombre-which is a fancy term for using a few hues of the same color from light to dark or dark to light. Here I did pink rose center, to a light pink, to an even lighter pink/ivory outer petals. I also wanted the cake to glitter like ice, so I encrusted the two middle tiers entirely in sanding sugar and dusted with edible glitter. Its hard to tell from the photo, but they are pretty sparkly.

Sugar pearls and silver dragees encircle the two middle tiers for added interest. Here is how she looks in Flur's window.

Oct 21, 2013

Monopoly Man Cake

Loved making the decorations for this Monopoly themed cake for Flur bakery. Three girls threw their father a surprise 60th birthday party. Apparently their father loves Monopoly, Pez candy and poker- so I had fun coming up with a way to incorporate them all onto a buttercream iced cake.

Its been awhile since I played Monopoly so I poked around online and noticed that the "Go" in the Pass Go square looked a lot like the number 60. Perfect! And since the birthday boy loves Pez so much, I thought it would be cute to change the wording to "collect Pez" instead of $200.


The Monopoly man is sculpted out of gumpaste. It was a little challenging turning a 2-D character into a 3-D figurine and I wanted to capture his panache so I gave him outstretched arms and a kicked up foot.

I made the cards and poker chips out of gumpaste and decorated them with edible markers.

I modeled the little monopoly pieces- car, thimble, scotty dog, top hat and iron in fondant and silvered them with edible luster dust. I also made the dice to read the number of his birthdate- which was the 5th. Little piles of fondant Pez were placed here and there to complete the cake.

Oct 3, 2013

"Perfect 10" Spa Theme Birthday Cake

What girlie fun I had making this very special 10th birthday cake for Jadelyn's spectacular spa theme party.  Check out this fantastic party planned by her mother and the beautiful photos she sent me. I'm totally going to have this party when I turn 10 again.

All of the girls got bathrobes, slippers and a towel.

The girls were treated to facials, manicures and pedicures.

For the cake, the birthday girl wanted to continue the spa theme and so we depicted each of her friends in their robes and towels. 

Of course the birthday girl is placed front and center in pink, as well as lounging in the tub cake topper.

I love the pink ombre ruffles on the bottom tier. It's so girlie and sweet!

Fun flip flop tea sandwiches were served.

And every girl got one of these super adorable cake pops by Maureen. So clever!

I love that my creation was a part of this very special party!

Sep 28, 2013

Jungle Animal Cake Toppers

Nothing makes me happier than to model cute little critters, so when Flur Bakery asked me to make some jungle animal cake toppers, I was happy to oblige. The client wanted the animals to look like the ones on the party napkins, so here are some photos of both.

My favorite animal of the moment.... one darn cute zebra.
Here they are all together waiting to go on the cake along with the giraffe.

Sep 23, 2013

Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Cake

I LOVED decorating this sweet little cake for a client of Flur Bakery in Riverside, IL. Nothing makes me happier than making little vignettes out of fondant so this theme was right up my alley. They requested a mostly pink cake for the baby girl to be, so I used a limited color palette of pinks with just a few punches of other colors here and there.

Sep 18, 2013

Minion Cake

I was super honored to be asked by Icing Smiles, a national non-profit organization that gives kids battling serious illnesses a birthday cake of their dreams, to donate a really special cake for Kevin's 8th birthday. Kevin is one very cool kid who picked Despicable Me as the theme he wanted for his cake. So of course the cake had to be about the Minions, right? Needless to say I had a BLAST making his cake.

I wanted the cake to look like a quintessential birthday cake with swags and trim, but I used blue, grey and black to tone it down so it wasn't too frilly for an 8 year old boy.

I wanted it to be full of Minion antics- so here is one eating Kevin's favorite food, pasta Alfredo and another below that just pulled off a swag and is yanking one of the stripes.

All of the minions were modeled out of Krispy Treats and gumpaste.

The topper shows one Minion getting whisked away by the birthday balloons.

Here is the birthday boy with his cake. The smile says it all. Happy Birthday Kevin!

Sep 15, 2013

Orange Dot Wedding Cake

Congratulations to George and Richie on their wedding this past weekend. I was thrilled to make their wedding cake for Flur Bakery in Riverside, IL. I've been doing cake decorating for Flur for a few months now and if you don't know their product, check them out. They have the best pastries around and oh, yea... they happen to all be Gluten Free. Everything is so yummy and yes, they do ship!

It turned out to be a fun yet still a very handsome wedding cake. I love vibrant deep orange they picked as their wedding color. It's a great color for both autumn and summer- and in September you never know what kind of day you might get- hot or chilly. They lucked out with a particularly perfect sunny crisp day. 

I had a great time making the whimsical bird toppers out of gumpaste to match their wedding suits. Pretty dapper birdies!

Jun 13, 2013

Elephant Baby Shower Cake

Well its been awhile since my last post. As some of you already know, I launched another company in December called Ella Vanilla cake decorating kits, which has been keeping me extra busy. Our kits help anyone decorate a fabulous cake from home by supplying everything needed in one box. If you want to know more about it, check out or join us and our over 15,000 followers on Facebook at

So my super talented friend Adriana of Flur pastries ( ) and I created our first collaborative cake to welcome our friend's new baby boy Brody. Adriana whipped up a delicious chocolate cake with fresh banana buttercream, and I got to do the fun part- the decorating!

Jungle theme was requested by mama Ellen, but she basically gave me free reign (which I love!). I felt like she would want a modern cake-not too cutesy, so I did simple patterns of cheetah and zebra prints in baby blues, a brown bow and topped it off with one darling little gumpaste elephant holding a "welcome" banner. Simple and sweet.

The elephant was harder to make than it looks. Sculpting the trunk from the same piece as the head so there were no seams took a few tries. Plus getting the trunk to stand out from the face and not droop down was another challenge- which was overcome by inserting a toothpick and lots of support while it dried.


Here is adorable wee Brody next to his special cake. I think the cake weighed more than him.