Jun 13, 2013

Elephant Baby Shower Cake

Well its been awhile since my last post. As some of you already know, I launched another company in December called Ella Vanilla cake decorating kits, which has been keeping me extra busy. Our kits help anyone decorate a fabulous cake from home by supplying everything needed in one box. If you want to know more about it, check out www.EllaVanillaCakeKits.com or join us and our over 15,000 followers on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/EllaVanillaCakeKits

So my super talented friend Adriana of Flur pastries ( http://www.flurflavorfirst.com ) and I created our first collaborative cake to welcome our friend's new baby boy Brody. Adriana whipped up a delicious chocolate cake with fresh banana buttercream, and I got to do the fun part- the decorating!

Jungle theme was requested by mama Ellen, but she basically gave me free reign (which I love!). I felt like she would want a modern cake-not too cutesy, so I did simple patterns of cheetah and zebra prints in baby blues, a brown bow and topped it off with one darling little gumpaste elephant holding a "welcome" banner. Simple and sweet.

The elephant was harder to make than it looks. Sculpting the trunk from the same piece as the head so there were no seams took a few tries. Plus getting the trunk to stand out from the face and not droop down was another challenge- which was overcome by inserting a toothpick and lots of support while it dried.


Here is adorable wee Brody next to his special cake. I think the cake weighed more than him.