Oct 21, 2013

Monopoly Man Cake

Loved making the decorations for this Monopoly themed cake for Flur bakery. Three girls threw their father a surprise 60th birthday party. Apparently their father loves Monopoly, Pez candy and poker- so I had fun coming up with a way to incorporate them all onto a buttercream iced cake.

Its been awhile since I played Monopoly so I poked around online and noticed that the "Go" in the Pass Go square looked a lot like the number 60. Perfect! And since the birthday boy loves Pez so much, I thought it would be cute to change the wording to "collect Pez" instead of $200.


The Monopoly man is sculpted out of gumpaste. It was a little challenging turning a 2-D character into a 3-D figurine and I wanted to capture his panache so I gave him outstretched arms and a kicked up foot.

I made the cards and poker chips out of gumpaste and decorated them with edible markers.

I modeled the little monopoly pieces- car, thimble, scotty dog, top hat and iron in fondant and silvered them with edible luster dust. I also made the dice to read the number of his birthdate- which was the 5th. Little piles of fondant Pez were placed here and there to complete the cake.

Oct 3, 2013

"Perfect 10" Spa Theme Birthday Cake

What girlie fun I had making this very special 10th birthday cake for Jadelyn's spectacular spa theme party.  Check out this fantastic party planned by her mother and the beautiful photos she sent me. I'm totally going to have this party when I turn 10 again.

All of the girls got bathrobes, slippers and a towel.

The girls were treated to facials, manicures and pedicures.

For the cake, the birthday girl wanted to continue the spa theme and so we depicted each of her friends in their robes and towels. 

Of course the birthday girl is placed front and center in pink, as well as lounging in the tub cake topper.

I love the pink ombre ruffles on the bottom tier. It's so girlie and sweet!

Fun flip flop tea sandwiches were served.

And every girl got one of these super adorable cake pops by Maureen. So clever!

I love that my creation was a part of this very special party!