Dec 4, 2013

Large Rosette Winter Wedding Cake

I'm officially in love with this new technique... the large rosette. I used this technique on a birthday cake (post coming soon) and just love how it looks. I needed to do a winter wedding cake for Flur Bakery's display window so I just had to do this again.

I cant take credit for coming up with this beautiful technique, it's a popular trend for wedding cakes on the internet and I also got a few pointers from my friend Chelsea from pastry school who had done a few cakes this way. It's pretty advanced technique, but once I got it down, it became easier.

I did the rosettes in a pink ombre-which is a fancy term for using a few hues of the same color from light to dark or dark to light. Here I did pink rose center, to a light pink, to an even lighter pink/ivory outer petals. I also wanted the cake to glitter like ice, so I encrusted the two middle tiers entirely in sanding sugar and dusted with edible glitter. Its hard to tell from the photo, but they are pretty sparkly.

Sugar pearls and silver dragees encircle the two middle tiers for added interest. Here is how she looks in Flur's window.


  1. hello! your cake is beautiful! may I ask if the rosettes are fondant or buttercream? thank you!

  2. Hey there. Thanks for reaching out. These are fondant/gumpaste rosettes. I think it might be pretty hard to get such a 3-d rosette with piped buttercream, but piping isn't my strength.