Sep 9, 2014

Happy 50th Brigitte!

It's always special for me to make a cake for a dear friend... and even more fun when its for their surprise party! My dear friend Brigitte turned the big 50 and her husband threw her a lovely dinner party at The Dawson in Chicago. Although he is the former Executive Chef of the swanky Peninsula Hotel and has his pick of cake decorators and pastry chefs, he wanted Brigitte's friends Adriana of Flur bakery and me to create the cake. He wanted to make sure it was whimsical and filled with everything that Brigitte loves... No pressure at all with a room full of chefs and restauranteurs!

Me, Brigitte and Adriana

I knew that she loves her cat Denver like a child, but I didn't realize that my demur friend is a HUGE ice hockey fan- in particular the Colorado Avalanche.

Brigitte also loves the beach, Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia and flowers.

She loves blue so I echoed the blue wave pattern from her favorite dress as the overall pattern of the cake- which also worked with the beach theme. I also included the logo for Tisch, her banquet table company that she recently launched. See her beautifully designed tables at here.

When I visited her a few days later, I was pleased to meet Denver in person and see the gumpaste version perched on her window sill. 

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