AMAZING! So great, Noelle--I can't thank you enough. Everyone loved it. Just terrific--couldn't have been happier with it! John thought the cake was amazing—he was blown away and so were the guests.  Consider me a 5-star reference and I look forward to working with you again.  --thanks again! 

Julie S.

Well - the cake was a big BIG hit. Every single person who walked in said, "Wow, what a cake". It was pretty much all we talked about. Some were absolutely amazed by it and had never seen anything like that. Great job!
Vin S.

It was a HIT!  And it didn't only look fabulous - which is the most important thing - it TASTED fantastic - soooo moist and the perfect amount of chocolate...You are incredibly talented - all my cakes are coming from you from now on!
Emily E.

Noelle, thank you sooo much for the beautiful cupcakes and cake! They were a big hit and better than we could have imagined.

Ted H.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!  you OUTDID yourself!!! That cake was GORGEOUS! AND so thoughtful and creative with the leaves and little apples!!!! (how did you do that??? so amazing) The bride loved it!! She couldn't believe it and everyone said how beautiful it was and that it tasted amazing!!!! I thought it could not possibly look so pretty AND taste great but it did! I especially loved the raspberry filling and the cake was so moist!!

Cathy L.

Thank you so much again for the terrific cake – inside and out. It was a great surprise and we really appreciated all your hard work. Not only was it delicious, but it was educational too!

Rebecca S.